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How Billfold POS Cuts The Line At Live Events to Boost Sales

Large concert venues and sporting arenas have the problem of trying to serve 14,000 people during an interval. But is there a solution to the long lines of people wanting food, drink, and merchandise? Billfold prides itself on being cashless POS for the event industry that actually works.

The simple checkout process increases onsite sales from 20-40%. Fast and easy implementation – Staff love it: easy to use, no cash, no change, and no bank cards. They do it by streamlining event operations and changing guests’ spending behaviors.

Billfold is a wireless point-of-sale system that delivers RFID technology to on-premise payments at large-scale events and venues and helps boost customer spending. Patrons use Billfold’s self-serve kiosks to activate RFID wristbands onsite and create a secure connection to their credit cards in less than 30 seconds.

Alternatively, if the wristbands are mailed out prior to the event, guests can activate them on their computer or phone directly through the event website. Once the wristband has been activated, patrons don’t need to return to the kiosks to add more credit. Instead, they enjoy easy and secure transactions in fast-moving lines to purchase beverages, food, merch, and instant ticket upgrades.

Event operators receive real-time sales data sorted by individual staff, bar or vendor, helping them respond better to the needs and preferences of their customers. In addition to the extensive reporting features, event organizers can use Customer Journey Reports to engage with attendees based on their purchase history.

Billfold POS is a collaborative project built by event operators Stas Chijik and Benjamin Roshia, and a highly qualified development and design team under Albert Akbashev’s direction. Chijik and Roshia have years of experience in large-scale event operations and live music productions in addition to their owner-operator history with The Brooklyn Mirage/Avant Gardner.

Stas Chijik joins me on my daily tech podcast to share how Billfold provides full deployment support and consumer insights so that their partners can focus on producing great events and experiences for their guests. But most importantly of all make it easier for attendees to grab food and drink without waiting in line.