Press Clipping
Billfold partners with Rakastella

This week, Billfold’s cashless wristbands and wireless POS stations will power up Art Basel’s immersive electronic music events including Rakastella, Elrow, Heart Festival, and more. An innovative step in the continuously growing experience economy, this partnership will allow for efficient and customized food, beverage, and merchandise purchases for the attendees, stellar service by the event operators, and real-time marketing opportunities for the suppliers.

Billfold POS uses RFID technology to enable festival attendees to make purchases, enter VIP and other niche areas, and update access preferences by the tap of a wristband. It’s designed for large-scale events and immersive parties that last up to and over 24 hours, making it the perfect event management solution for parties like the sunset-to-sunrise concept of Rakastella. Billfold’s interactive screens for wristband activation and purchases add to the visually pleasing experience at the core of these events.

Are you covering Art Basel and interested in hearing more about the implementation of Billfold POS at these events? I’m happy to connect you with CEO and co-founder Stas Chijik and provide a company overview for full details, please let me know.